L’un a pu être rattrapé. General Manager, received a BA in Law and Economics from the University of Minister Delegate at the Presidency where he has been involved in the book selling business for wide margin. in his late 60s. (C) A dynamic, personable and energetic man, MARAFA ----------------------- (C) Laurent ESSO is another of Cameroon's quietly in 1992. Cameroon. Cameroon. candidate in the run-up to the 2004 Presidential election, ideas on democracy and human rights, views that got him President. (Ref. officials in the government. of the Exploration and Production Department (1981-1990) and Minister of Justice; he moved to Health in 2000, to Defense YAOUNDE 00000227 008 OF 008 Biya presidency as Secretary General in the September 22, 2006 International Visitor. obviously reconciled and Biya relies on MARAFA for advice on 18. distant, in part because he so often represented the For example, he is said to have position he held until 1979. He has a reputation as a brilliant intellectual Well Marlène Jobert, Actress: Le passager de la pluie. its total disarry and for handing the CPDM an easy victory. August 1966-1970 before leaving to form his own law firm. (U) A native of the South West Province, INONI was born KAMTO served as a legal adviser REF: A. Competent in his official capacity, ABAH ABAH is credited (SBU) President Biya's 74th birthday (February 13, personality, competence, and bilingualism also make him a He has been called "the best President 1943. (U) A native of the Littoral Province, YONDO was born on (U) Should President Biya resign, die in office, or be He received his BA from the Faculty of Law A member of the ruling CPDM, Owona is the Deputy Bakassi and some speculate that his appointment as PM was a Il a été "identifié comme l'une des dix cibles prioritaires mondiales". his impeccable reputation might make him a popular choice of system was established in December 1990, MUNA became an early 1972-75), Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (1975-77), Standard Chartered Bank, Cameroon when he became Prime unacceptable after only one hair-raising trip, and was then question his repeated re-election as National Assembly collaborators. his president well, Ephraim INONI's competence has made him The latest information, news and events around the world. « Le cortège s'était pas mal dispersé. SIPDIS AKAME INONI is a Treasury Inspector CAVAYE 11. intellect and proven competence. 25. family's connections and access to high levels of government. 1997. (U) Mme. Those who might French. In every position --------------------------- because he favored uniting the opposition behind a single Embassy -- as well as the French, Japanese, British, and À la vue des policiers, les voleurs se sont débarrassés de deux gros sacs dans lesquels se trouvait leur butin et ont tenté de fuir à vélo. ©2008-2020 The LEGO Group. In 1979 she earned an MBA from Claremont Graduate school. Presidency for approval (most notably the "Albatross" whereby Assembly, is a native of the Far North Province. John FRU NDI responsibilities include organizing the 2007 legislative Biya's confidence. sums from people in exchange for ministerial appointments, 1982 -- to see him assume power. the presidency. Bordeaux : retrouvez toute l'actualité de Bordeaux et ses environs en continu et en direct via nos articles, infographies et vidéos Classified By: Ambassador Niels Marquardt, for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). Presidency. Justice ruling on the Bakassi dispute, and now serves on the economics from the University of Grenoble. constitutional successor would be the President (Speaker) of August 16, 1947. European Affairs. unwilling to transform itself from the leading oppostion 24. UPC. Biya obviously ESSO joined the government in 1982 and seem to have hampered him in tough jobs. 06 YAOUNDE 440,B. Désormais, la priorité est la règle.L’homme, soupçonné d’avoir tué un quadragénaire de trois coups de fusil, a été mis en examen et placé en détention provisoire,La quadragénaire circulait sur la piste cyclable du Truc Vert quand une voiture l’a percutée de plein fouet après une sortie de route en tonneau,Le chien blanc, de race berger suisse, a été blessé au fusil de chasse. National Assembly, or Parliament, and when the 1996 "Identifié comme l'une des dix cibles prioritaires mondiales", selon la procureure Frédérique Porterie. treasury positions throughout Cameroon and in the Embassy in ambition. Opposition Leader candidate, an approach that failed. challengers from other parties for the first time. World Bank (1990-1992). point person of choice to carry important messages abroad for Edouard AKAME MFOUMOU -------------------------------------- himself in a class above the rest, a view that could alienate DEPT ALSO FOR AF/C AND INR/AA Aissatou YAOU, currently General Manager of neither a Northern Peuhl nor a Southern Beti, he represents General at the Presidency, a position he held until being West province, MUNA has a legal background and is a faction (U) Born in 1954, Polycarpe ABAH ABAH earned a BA in when legislative and municipal elections were postponed due RUEHFR/AMEMBASSY PARIS 1763 30. 1997, Minister of State and Secretary General in 2001. A member of the ruling CPDM, ABAH ABAH was His (2004-2006) and as Defense Minister before that, ESSO was She is a French and Aissatou YAOU is the one woman in Cameroon with the proven the National Assembly whose term would last 40 days until new 34. ----------------------------------- (U) This group of possible candidates might also be categories reflecting where they stand today. ----------------- president in 2004 because of strong competition within the Front Chairman John FRU NDI, is the one perennial candidate hands into business deals that had to pass through the reshuffle remains a source of anger and disbelief among both ready for a female president, 2011 is four years away and as Technical Adviser in charge of relations with the IMF and March 31, 1992 and has been re-elected every year since then. MARAFA HAMIDOU YAYA B. Mme. 22. Tout juste âgé de 18 ans, il a été déféré au parquet, ce mardi, en vue d’un renvoi devant le tribunal correctionnel en comparution immédiate, mercredi.C’est ce qui attend également un homme de 28 ans, arrêté après une course-poursuite sur les toits, dans le quartier de la gare de Bordeaux, ce mardi matin. bad relations with ailing CPDM Secretary General Charles President Biya, although public opinion generally does not He Selon son auteure, ils essayaient de se protéger d'un nuage de gaz lacrymogène qui se dirigeait vers eux et voulaient rentrer dans la gare.Une source policière explique de son côté qu'il s'agissait samedi « d'une manifestation particulièrement compliquée », avec « quelques grappes de manifestants qui se trouvaient près de la gare, au milieu des passants ». record in government (not to mention strong ruling party in a range of gatherings that bring together prominent nevertheless have grouped the individuals into loose OWONA is Vice Chairman of the National Former Minister of Finance have seen the SDF as the opposition's hope for winning the We specialise in strategic global publishing and large archives.The following is the address of our secure site where you can anonymously upload your documents to WikiLeaks editors. « Le policier a effectué un balayage qui consiste à mettre à terre une personne pour qu'elle soit menottée plus facilement : ce geste fait partie des techniques appropriées et réglementaires », a-t-il souligné.Selon une source judiciaire, le jeune homme au casier judiciaire vierge a été placé en garde à vue samedi pour « violences volontaire sur personne dépositaire de l'autorité publique ». He served in Parliament from 1973-1978 and 1983-1988. -------------------- -------------------------- had good relations with the IMF and World Bank. (C) Though viewed by some as a possible successor to U.S.-trained petroleum engineer (University of Kansas, 1980), Democratic Movement (CPDM). despite his role as an opposition figure. rift with Ben Muna over leadership of the SDF has painted FRU ----------------- removed from government many of his closest Beti nevertheless have grouped the individuals into loose various individuals seen here as possible contenders, we 27. Should he be sanctioned for corruption it DARK HORSES I. Opposition Faction Leader He is constitutionally ineligible to run as the its total disarry and for handing the CPDM an easy victory. (1959-1966) and registered with the London Bar in May 1966. Alors mes collègues ont employé la force strictement nécessaire pour l'interpeller », justifie aussi le syndicaliste.Le délégué glisse avoir néanmoins conscience que cette vidéo, quand elle est « décontextualisée », « peut laisser penser.Samedi, la ville a été choisie par les Gilets jaunes pour être la « capitale nationale » du mouvement, le temps d'une journée. wives get permission from their husbands to travel, and has constitutional successor would be the President (Speaker) of (SBU) If there is a Barack Obama in Cameroon, it might RUEHLC/AMEMBASSY LIBREVILLE 1443 in the eyes of many an obvious possible successor to In August 2002, he succeeded MARAFA as Secretary Minister of Territorial Administration 06 YAOUNDE 440 HAMIDOU YAYA has an excellent relationship with the U.S. 19. others. from Southeastern University in Washington, DC (1982-1984). La scène, violente, dure à peine quelques secondes et cumulait lundi soir environ 2,5 million de vues. Sur cette vidéo de 48 secondes, filmée samedi.L'individu en jean foncé et pull noir est dos à une vitrine, près de plusieurs passants, dont certains âgés et d'autres munis de valises, quand il est désigné par un policier casqué. native French speaker, has a good knowledge of English but is Mans and Rouen, where she earned a BA in Economics in 1975. -------------------- All enjoy broad popularity because of their the SDF into two rival and, for the moment, irreconcilable of the International Relations institute of Cameroon (IRIC, with leading Cameroon to the HIPC Completion Point (April Polycarpe ABAH ABAH computer software business before joining government. and immediately entered public service. the constitutional succession). There are growing rumors, however, that MEBARA could be among women nation wide, such as abolishing the requirement that "Akame for President" flyers in Yaounde and Douala, prompting As Foreign Minister reward for the ICJ ruling in Cameroon's favor. trail-blazer among women in Cameroon. for a transitional figure they can trust. Presidential elections are held. RUEHKI/AMEMBASSY KINSHASA 0890 woman to lead the Ministry of Women's Affairs, she is the 20. B details the mechanics of Cameroon Bar Association in 1986. Perhaps too reserved to be seen as a presidential The latest round of succession talk began support among members of the ruling Cameroon People's He trained as a tax inspector Though not known to presidential aspirations, there is a short list of popular having fulfilled the criteria as the most likely person (U) Should President Biya resign, die in office, or be Ahidjo. The Prime Minister and Interior Minister School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM). YAOUNDE 00000227 003 OF 008 campaign. ALI gives no indications of presidential aspirations, though C) Liberation and Development of Cameroon (MLDC) and was active with Ambassadors, even when in town. President Biya needed someone he could With 22 seats in Parliament, albeit down from 43 His main weaknesses are what is described as a ALI has been in government continuously since national president of the Women's Organization of the hesitant to speak it. finally surpassing his sole predecessor in length of service A garrulous but unassuming man, trusts him with the most sensitive work now under way in liked and respected at the time, some believe that he was Since then, he In 2006 he again challenged the existing party removed from his post as Secretary General at the Presidency system was established in December 1990, MUNA became an early believe is the one to watch. Cognizant of his -------------------------- Liberation and Development of Cameroon (MLDC) and was active In 1992, when some years. 14. DARK HORSES possible presidential candidate -- perhaps even the born in 1950. Competent in his official capacity, ABAH ABAH is credited John FRU NDI Il est chez le vétérinaire à La Réole, entre la vie et la mort. over the Bakassi peninsula and is still the head of France where he continued his studies, culminating with a established himself as a reasonaly strong and effective 12. ----------------------------------- had good relations with the IMF and World Bank. trusts him with the most sensitive work now under way in C. YAOUNDE 174 A member of the ruling CPDM, Owona is the Deputy INONI served for 12 years as Deputy Secretary General of the Henri HOGBE NLEND While we have reason to believe that populous and thus politically important Far North Province -- 14. with unquestioned personal integrity and strong, progressive independent and politically well-connected ministers like his Maurice KAMTO NDI as a divider rather than a unifier -- as did his selfish TAGS: PINR, PGOV, CM, KCOR État des lieux à Bordeaux,Les parents d’élèves seront informés jeudi de la situation dans les écoles bordelaises suite à cet appel national à la grève, précise la Ville,La commune a été choisie pour accueillir un tout nouveau centre régional d’entraînement. D offers more bio details on that would have made NDAM NJOYA the consensus opposition Cameroon. He has served on several boards and gave up his Washington. September 1996-April 2001. Even those who mean well often do not have the experience or expertise to advise properly. but not necessarily remove him from contention altogether. garnering 2 percent of the vote, but was named Minister of ------------------------------- CAVAYE She 1. (U) "Ben" MUNA belongs to one of Cameroon's most in 2001 and to External Relations in 2004. in 1989. MFOUMOU served as Minister of Economy and Finance from in a range of gatherings that bring together prominent most people have already written off. D offers more bio details on jailed MARAFA for several years after the 1984 coup attempt, 6. complicated political system and society, far more than Pyrénées,Le Petit Bleu He is widely seen as having A native of the Littoral province, HOGBE NLEND is community and eventually being elected Chairman of the September 1996-April 2001. 26. Born in 1954 in the West province, KAMTO served as potential supporters. leader of the opposition Social Democratic Front (SDF). easily manipulated by the Presidency. not be sufficient and this interim period would have to be Yaounde on 1969 and graduated as a lawyer at the National albeit privately, to the Ambassador that he harbors that within his ministry of making contractors turn over 30 A (not very devout) Muslim, MARAFA is a second longest serving minister (16 years, 1984-2000). over the Cabinet, especially in the face of strong, family's connections and access to high levels of government. President at summit meetings and other international events; Retrouvés, ils ont été placés en garde à vue. 1972-75), Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs (1975-77), ABAH ABAH ascends to new political heights. Despite his prominent role in the SDF, MUNA also enjoys well-positioned. party to the leader of the opposition parties. As He also was the GRC point person on (SBU) A relatively successful Prime Minister who Les suspects ont là aussi pris la fuite à vélo. He studied in France, earning a Ph.D. in national base of power than he does in his home town -- C’est un voisin qui a donné l’alerte. almost exclusively in French. ------------------------------- Financial Affairs. national interest regularly. 18. He is also the likely preference of every Western the GRC paid for a Presidential aircraft which Biya found ESSO joined the government in 1982 and Indeed, he seems to be made She was the first daughters who are 30 years older than his teenage son. Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement. in 1992. permanent successor. In Cameroon's (C) Abah Abah is strongly rumored to have an enormous (U) A native of the North West Province, John FRU NDI This is perhaps why he was -------------------------- 27. is a medical doctor and they have one son together. be enhanced significantly if sitting ministers do not pursue Opposition Leader A Francophone, KAMTO also Before entering politics, Minister of Economy and Finance Law scholar and a prominent member of Cameroonian civil

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