[13], In Doug Moench's "Terror" storyline, Strange mysteriously returns. Plusieurs tailles au choix pour petit et grand bric-à-brac. Strange was later notified that Jennings was captured and sent back to Blackgate Penitentiary. The plan backfired, however; following the experiment, he could remember nothing but his son's death. He outfits them with bulletproof clothing, and uses them to rampage through Gotham City and distract the police while his men commit robberies. Thomas shut down the project and put Karen into protection.[2]. [21], Later, Strange tasks his son with overseeing an operation to dose Gotham with fear gas. Corpses of individuals were also brought to Indian Hill for Strange, with a few notable being Fish Mooney, Jerome Valeska and controversial mayor Theo Galavan, the third whom Strange had a great interest in. Elle porte souvent sa blouse de médecin. Retrouvez toute l'actualité sur la série TV Gotham ainsi que le résumé des épisodes, les critiques, les photos et les vidéos. [29], One year later, Strange captured Supergirl and Steve Trevor. Thomas would later confront Hugo, spurning Hugo to fast-track his plans to take Thomas out of the picture permanently. Strange is ultimately exposed, and gets shot twice by the task force when he attempts to escape dressed in his replica Batsuit before falling into a river and disappearing. When asked by Cobblepot why she didn't kill him, Mooney states that she was his umbrella boy and that she turned Cobblepot into Penguin. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Gotham a encore quelques personnages récurrents de l’univers de Batman à exploiter, en témoignent ces deux acteurs et cette actrice qui ont été castés récemment pour le rôle de Mr.Freeze, de sa femme Nora et du Dr. Hugo Strange.. Ce sera BD Wong, que vous connaissez mieux comme étant le scientifique Henry Wu de Jurassic Park/World, qui incarnera le fameux Hugo Strange… In the battle that follows, all of the Monster Men are killed, along with Sanjay (who abandons Strange and dies trying to avenge his brother). To avoid attention, a toxic waste dump was used as a cover for Indian Hill's more sinister activities. With Harvey Dent at the head of Gotham City, Strange would have had access to all Gothamites' genes and control the generations to come. It is also revealed he was the one who had hired an ass… Batman not only holds off the creatures, but uses them as part of an inventive escape. Freeze, Azrael, Firefly and Clayface as well as for the resurrection of Fish Mooney and various other experiments. Hugo Strange prepares to start the process of injecting Jim Gordon with the unidentified green chemical. Strange's primary task was to find the means to bring the dead back to life with their memories intact. She thanks Eli for being her distraction (the two having been working together the entire time) and tells him to run home to his father, which he is last seen doing. [16], In Batman #665, Batman tells Tim Drake that a huge man dressed like a combination of Bane and Batman had beaten him up and he suspects that the impostor had used "Hugo Strange's monster serum and daily Venom shots" to gain his size and strength. Professor Strange has been employed by the Court of Owls and League of Shadows to carry out freakish experiments, contributing to the rise of super-criminals in Gotham City. Nygma then tells Gordon that it wasn't him who destroyed Haven and that Strange actually put a mind-controlling chip in his brain but Strange claims that a contract came along and he developed a tool using Nygma. [19], Strange also appears in The Batman Adventures, which is set in the DC Animated Universe. During his work at. However, it is revealed that Hugo Strange has put a mind-controlling chip in General Wade's brain, causing him to be controlled by Nyssa and for him to allow the military to destroy Gotham. Strange also reveals that he wasn't the one controlling Nygma and that he gave control to someone else who he is willing to reveal before tricking Nygma and spraying him, telling him that he is experiencing a neural cutout and that he is mystified as to how Nygma had became aware that he's being controlled. After Gordon and Fox deactivated the bomb and the police arrived at Arkham Asylum, Hugo Strange was arrested by the police who claims that the "monsters" that the Indian Hill facility made are still out there. The Pinewood project was reopened, with it taking place at a secret underground facility known as Indian Hill, located under Arkham Asylum. [22], During the Forever Evil storyline, Hugo Strange is among the supervillains recruited by the Crime Syndicate to join the Secret Society of Super Villains. Once Edward Nygma begins to find himself in places he doesn't remember going to, he assumes that it's his dual-personality before beginning his journey in discovering what happened to him before No Man's Land. After that, Gordon gives Strange an envelope with a court order to exhume the body of Victor Fries, but Strange is quick to tell him that Victor's body was cremated. Christophe Foltzer | 9 février 2016 ... Gotham : l'acteur derrière le masque de … [4] In Batman #1 (spring 1940), he carries out his escape plan, recruits a new gang of criminals, then breaks out "five insane patients" from the local asylum and uses them as test subjects, turning them into hulking 15 ft. tall monsters by administering a powerful artificial growth hormone that acts on the pituitary gland. [28], Following Killer Frost's plan to create a race of superhumans, Strange allied himself with the Penguin and Harvey Dent. Batman becomes involved after discovering some of the gruesome remains of the Monster's Men's cannibalistic rampages. Though Hugo Strange does give them a sample of the blood and some of his research.[14]. En plus de BD Wong, Kristen Hager a aussi été recruté pour Gotham Saison 2. The Court then orders Strange to move all his research and test subjects to the facility upstate and to destroy Indian Hill. Hugo Strange acquiert une certaine célébrité à Gotham City lorsqu'il prétend se servir de sa profession de psychiatre pour étudier, puis démasquer Batman. As the task force's investigation progresses, Strange grows increasingly maniacal in his obsession with Batman, going so far as expressing a desire to become Batman and dressing up in a replica Batsuit. Although she defeats and imprisons most of the gang, and even convinces Strange to leave the East Side alone, Strange still mocks her by pointing out that he had faked his own death far more often than she had. Around that time, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox come to Arkham seeking a tour, in reality being there to find out the location of Indian Hill. Strange realizes that he is, in fact, angry at his own wasted life and deformed body, so he uses the Cosmic Rod to commit suicide.[11]. [2] The character first appeared in Detective Comics #36 (Feb 1940). As revealed two issues later in Batman #356 (February 1983), Strange had indeed survived the beating from Thorne's men by using yoga techniques to slow his heartbeat to an undetectable level. The next … Edward asks how Strange took control of his alter-ego but Strange claims that he can't follow and that Edward is the alter-ego. Strange tells Gordon that he is a few modifications from being a mighty soldier in Nyssa's force not unlike Eduardo. Il monte une petite polic… Subsequently, Strange attempts to weaken Bruce Wayne through the use of drugs and lifelike robots called Mandroids, with the ultimate goal of destroying Wayne so completely that Strange could take his place as Batman. Peabody ends up being captured by Nancy and Sid of Fish Mooney's gang to see if she knows of Strange's whereabouts. However, they were able to leave the place without a fight, taking Superman with them. The Scarecrow turns on Strange when the professor's therapy proves effective enough to turn the Scarecrow against his "benefactor", tricking Strange into falling into the cellar of his mansion base where the twisted psychiatrist is impaled on a weather vane that the Scarecrow had left in the cellar earlier. He also attempts to frame Batman as a criminal. The surgeon lacks Strange's skill, and the operation leaves Strange physically deformed (the surgeon is then killed for his failure). Gordon asks if Strange if he really thinks that Nyssa can fight off the entire army while Strange believes that she is able to with his help. Now that Gotham has introduced the Indian Hill facility, a hidden lab that experiments on the 'monsters' of Gotham City, they need someone to run it. La seconde saison de la série TV Gotham est en cours de diffusion actuellement, cela n’empêche pas la production de continuer à recruter de nouveaux acteurs pour des rôles importants dans la série comme le Docteur Hugo Strange ou encore Nora et Victor Fries! Batman breaks the ropes, gases the room, and defeats Strange, who is jailed but quickly begins planning his escape. Soon after, he turns the Monster Men loose, including Sanjay's brother (who had also been mutated as a result of Strange's "treatments"), at Falcone's private estate in a bid to wipe out the mob's leaders, erasing his debt and covering up their ties to his work. Docteur Strange 2007 en streaming Docteur Strange streaming vf Une infirmité et amère médecin se rend à une communauté invisible au Tibet où il apprend de son véritable destin comme le Sorcier suprême de son monde. 'Gotham' Actor BD Wong on Playing Hugo Strange, Being the Villain to the Villains, and More By Christina Radish Mar 07, 2016 He also talks about adapting … When Strange unzips the bodybag, Edward sits up and aims a gun at him which causes him to put his. [9], Strange later brings back former crime boss Fish Mooney, infusing her with cuttlefish DNA. Cette ancienne de Being Human prêtera ses traits à Nora, la femme gravement malade de Victor Fries – aka Mr. Apart from Peabody, no one else that worked at the Indian Hill facility was exposed for the atrocities committed there. [21] Eli is first seen playing a game of poker with members of the Russian Mob, betting a valuable bracelet, winning big and cleaning house. After Eduardo and Jim get into a fight, Eduardo is kicked into a pole within debris by Gordon, where he is impaled and found by Nyssa al Ghul after a couple of hours. With Supergirl as a guinea pig, Strange intended to create a perfect army in order to purge the world. A list of banks and other financial targets, coupled with a cryptic reference to fog, put the Dark Knight on the alert. While overseeing the reanimation process, he was notified by Peabody that someone from Wayne Enterprises looked into the identity of Karen Jennings. Strange then attempts to auction off the identity of Batman to Gotham City councilman "Boss" Rupert Thorne, the Penguin, and the Joker. [15], Following that, Strange reappears as the head of a gang of supervillains attempting to take control of Gotham's East Side, then controlled by Catwoman. Freeze and his ability to reanimate a corpse, something that Strange was looking to perfect with the bodies that he has in Indian Hill's possession. [26], In the Batman '66 universe, Hugo Strange is initially a psychiatrist at the Arkham Institute, until being revealed as a villain in Batman '66 Meets the Man from U.N.C.L.E..[27], In the DC Bombshells universe, Hugo Strange is a eugenicist attempting to improve the gene pool. [17], Upon being found, Hugo Strange begins to work on Solomon Grundy where it involved him harvesting blood from some people he obtained. Wayne is able to escape by using cleaning fluid to start a fire, puts on the Batsuit to fake the Dark Knight's death when the Batmobile explodes just as he lands in it, and triggers a post-hypnotic suggestion in himself, forcing him to completely repress the Batman aspect of his mind until Robin and Nightwing can defeat Strange. [4], When Oswald Cobblepot is sent to Arkham Asylum after confessing to killing Theo Galavan, Strange meets him for a session and says he will cure him of his sickness. Before he can give the order to have him killed, the criminals realize that their bracelet (Eli's was a fake replica) had been stolen. Strange tells that he admires his fighting spirit before escaping the lab. Upon finding that Fish Mooney has the power to put anyone she touches into her thrall, Hugo manages to escape her and plans to have Victor Fries slay the remaining inhabitants starting with him killing Selina Kyle. She tells Strange that she wants him to fix her and make her an army. BD Wong was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Strange uses one of his devices to capture Starman's Cosmic Rod to use its power to attack everyone and everything that Batman holds dear. Six months following the escape of his experiments, Fish Mooney began leading the remaining escaped monsters to find Strange so he can prevent them from dying as the use of their powers causes them to weaken due to her body rejecting the new cells that her abilities are creating. [17], In the story arc Gotham Underground, Strange is associating with other supervillains such as the Mad Hatter, Doctor Death and Two-Face. After stitching Nygma's head back closed, Strange reveals that a powerful electrical charge overloaded the chip but that everything else is updated. When the Batgirls attempted to stop the Penguin and his allies, Hugo Strange used his modified gun to force the Batgirls to fight each other. [3], Professor Hugo Strange first appears in Detective Comics #36 (February 1940) as a scientist and criminal mastermind who uses a stolen "concentrated lightning" machine to generate a dense fog every night so his gang can rob banks unseen, though he knows that Batman poses a threat to him. They were only able to get as far as stealing one of the Manor's paintings, a Picasso, before they were interrupted by Thomas Wayne who shot and killed one of the burglars. The Batman had chanced upon the looming threat of Strange in Gotham thanks to the dying words of F.B.I. [10], Under orders from the white-haired female member of the Court, Hugo Strange has most of his patie. Gordon arrives to help fight the ninjas which resulted in Fish Mooney getting accidentally stabbed by Gordon. [3] Hugo turned to a casino owner and contractor named The Lady, who then in turn hired a hitman named Matches Malone to kill Thomas and his wife Martha. [1], In his high-school years, Hugo and Thomas Wayne were on the same Cricket team along with Anu Schwarts, Kyle Davis, Andrew Weininger, Travis Quegan, Paul Weathered, and Grant Gardner. 1 avr. Mais ce qui n'est au départ qu'une simple assistance à la police et à la mairie tourne bien vite à l'obsession : Strange fait de la recherche de Batman et de son identification une priorité absolue, au point de ne plus penser qu'à cela. Having survived his earlier "death" (how this happened is never explained, seen or shown), Strange left Gotham City and went to Europe for several years, where his criminal career prospered with no one to challenge him. Borrowing money from gangster Sal Maroni, who is in the employ of Gotham kingpin Carmine Falcone, Strange sets up a private laboratory to test his theories. [16], When Oswald Cobblepot shows the Indian Hill barrel he pulled out of Slaughter Swamp to Solomon Grundy, he swayed him to his side while stating that they will find Hugo Strange and see if he can restore him to normal. Most likely due to the fact that the name Dr. He later released her from Arkham Asylum, telling Ethel that he is going to study her. Catwoman then pounces from the ceiling and takes out the entire group. Cobblepot then confronts Mooney and Strange while sending Marv on his way. A bright kid, but he apparently had a hell of a temper. 14 sept. 2018 - Découvrez le tableau "Doctor Strange" de Les Films & Moi sur Pinterest. This leads to Strange hitting the device he used to inject Gordon and causing it to inject too much into Gordon, helping him break out of the straps. #famarvelforever. Hugo Strange was always called Professor Strange when he was running Arkham Asylum, despite being a medical professional and top psychologist which are usually referred to as doctors. He creates one final Monster Man using a drop of Batman's blood, and while his creation still has many of the flaws of its "brothers", it lacks most of the grotesque disfigurements that had plagued Strange's earlier creations. Nyssa puts a defibrillator mask on Eduardo in order to save his life and tells him that she'll bring him to Hugo Strange, who will be able to patch him up and save his life. After Batman stops him from killing Thorne, Strange is imprisoned in Arkham Asylum. 12. Gotham is an American crime television series developed by Bruno Heller, based on characters appearing in and published by DC Comics in their Batman franchise, primarily those of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne.The series premiered in the United States on September 22, 2014 on Fox television network. hands up. strange ★ social media. Strange is owned by Marvel Comics. He also tells Gordon that he will help him reach his full potential and give him true strength but Gordon rejects the offer which Strange replies by telling him that his consent is hardly required. [12], It is possible that the events of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's "Prey" storyline take place at this point. Strange refuses Edward Nygma's offer to take Gordon down, though Nygma unintentionally gives him an idea of how to solve his problem with Theo Galavan. Batman, who already knows of Strange's experiments, begins investigating him after one of his henchmen commits a murder. Bridgit Pike came to Selina's defense and dueled Victor Fries until Hugo Strange was accidentally caught in the crossfire upon seeing Gordon, Fox, and Wayne escaping. He is then shown posing as a psychiatrist doing standard stress evaluations at Wayne Enterprises. Freeze. [5] In Detective Comics #46 (December 1940), Strange returns and starts spreading a fear-inducing powder around the city until a punch from Batman again sends him falling to his apparent death. He is among the supervillains imprisoned on another planet. Batman is able to stop Strange from further exploiting his knowledge of his secret identity by falsely claiming that he hypnotized Strange to give him a fake idea of Batman's true identity just before Commissioner Gordon shows up to arrest him; his explanation is so convincing that Strange begins to wonder if Batman is attempting a complex double-bluff by letting him think that Bruce Wayne is Batman and thus doubts whether his original conclusion was correct. When the angry mob breaks through, Fish and Marv escape out the back with Strange while Nancy and Sid hold off the mob. A fight ensued in which Karen managed to kill the man trailing Thomas, a man named Scott Wallace. Professor Hugo Strange is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as an adversary of the superhero Batman. After Bane manages to capture Jim Gordon and Bruce Wayne for Nyssa, Nyssa orders Bane to find Barbara Kean, who took part in her father's death and tells Gordon that Bane wants him to join their mission in eliminating all criminal elements in Gotham, however, Gordon rejects as Strange tells him to never say never before injecting in the neck with an object that leaves Gordon unconscious. He then bribes a corrupt orderly to supply him with ideal test subjects: incurably insane inmates from Arkham Asylum who have been institutionalized for so long that they will not be missed. Victor Fries and Bridgit Pike buy Fish Mooney time to get away with Hugo Strange. He is then able to kill all the other monsters, and sends Strange to his apparent death in a fall from a cliff, although he suspects that the mad scientist has survived. Doctor Strange (2016) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. [14], Dark Moon Rising: Batman and the Monster Men, "Prey" and "Terror" all take place during Batman's early years. However, Strange denies involvement in the atrocities of the program which, according to him, were the work of Thomas Wayne. Declared dead, Pike got transferred to Indian Hill where she witnessed other people being horrifically experimented upon by the scientists of the facility. About two months before the death of the Waynes, Hugo hired a crew of thieves through a contact, to burglarize the Wayne Manor and get access to the secrets behind Wayne's files. He is the only actor to … [5], After Barbara Kean awakens from her coma, a nurse tells someone to inform Strange. Malone then fled the scene, leaving Bruce to scream in anguish over his parent's brutal killing. Pochettes de qualité sur le thème Doctor Strange, personnalisées par des artistes indépendants du monde entier. Later, Gordon is brought to a lab where he finds himself strapped to a medical table and in the presence of Hugo Strange, who covers up a tied up General Wade. According to Commissioner Gordon, Strange was "abandoned as a child, grew up in state homes. With Catwoman's help, Batman locates the Scarecrow's hideout and catches the Scarecrow in the cellar with Strange's body before the house is destroyed in a fire, but loses sight of Strange, with it being unclear whether Strange had actually survived the fall onto the weather vane - he claimed that he lured rats to himself by using his sweat so that he could eat them – or if the Scarecrow and Batman were hallucinating from exposure to Crane's new fear gas, although Batman concludes that the subsequent explosion of the house has definitely killed Strange. At some point Hugo Strange was employed as the chief of psychiatry at Arkham Asylum, leaving him to carry out the day-to-day running of the asylum (in which he appeared to look for a way to rehabilitate patients) as well as gaining access to the underground lab via a secret elevator to check on the progress. Gordon then reveals that he only did so to get confirmation that he was the one behind it all, and afterward Strange realizes that Gordon gave him an empty envelope. Hugo Strange reportedly grew up with an abusive father who would beat his mother every night. En 2016, il joue le rôle du Dr. Hugo Strange dans la deuxième saison de Gotham. Butterfly." [18], Strange takes part in the miniseries Salvation Run. Hugo after being recruited to cure Butch. Tommy Flanagan sera The Knife pour la série Gotham. Cobblepot decides to spare Mooney and sends the two of them on their way while telling Mooney not to come back to Gotham. Strange initially declines her request, but changes his mind when Fish reminds him that the police are approaching. Badly injured individuals were delivered to the asylum, one of them being Bridgit Pike who had been badly burned all over her body. Hugo being once again in league with the Court of Owls. The series stars Ben McKenzie as the young Gordon while Heller … Professor Strange later equips Galavan with a sword and armor and orders Theo to kill James Gordon. [11], Strange was put on trial where Peabody testified against him in exchange for her being put under house arrest and not going to prison. After Fish Mooney dies a second time, Gordon and Bullock get Hugo Strange to cooperate with the GCPD into helping to recreate the cure for the Alice Tetch virus. [23], Hugo Strange appears in DC Rebirth during the Night of the Monster Men crossover event. After taking part in the creation of Bane, he continues to work with Nyssa al Ghul and helps her with her mission to get revenge for her Ra's al Ghul's death. Bored and hoping to pit his wits against Batman again, Strange, now using the alias of Dr. Todhunter, opens a private hospital, Graytowers Clinic, for Gotham's wealthiest citizens, where he holds them for ransom before mutating them into mindless monsters. Strange fled in response, promising to find other scientists who share his dream. 01h03 Lundi 4 mai, 2020 ... Pendant ce temps, le Pingouin, encore sous le traitement du Docteur Strange, découvre rapidement que sa belle famille est … While the investigation into the robbery was ongoing, an additional man was sent to follow Thomas and managed to trail him as far as the hideout where Karen Jennings lived. The two remained friends until adulthood when Thomas placed him in-charge of Pinewood Farms. Doctor Strange ou Docteur Strange au Québec est un film de super-héros américain réalisé par Scott Derrickson, sorti en 2016.Adapté du personnage de Docteur Strange créé par Steve Ditko, c'est le 14 e film de l'univers cinématographique Marvel et le 2 e de la phase III.. Arriving at the scene, Batman realizes that the small boy was actually Eli. Strange escapes amid the chaos, and succeeds in eradicating all links between himself and his experiments. Sometime after, a patched up Eduardo finds himself in Strange's lab with tubes attached to him, where Hugo Strange tells him that the process of saving his life will cause him immense physical and mental pain as well as be a little bit of a long process. The Scarecrow then uses Strange's mansion as a trap for Batman, but his attempt to use Strange's plan fails when he tries to use Crime Alley as the scene of a trap while ignorant of the reasons why that alley is so significant to Batman, with his "trap" merely consisting of luring Batman into the alley and decapitating a former classmate of Crane's in front of the hero. He made his Broadway debut in "M. Voir plus d'idées sur le thème Docteur strange, Docteur, Marvel. Votre monnaie, vos cartes de crédit, votre téléphone et vos crayons vont enfin rester groupir. Hugo Strange is inadvertently one of the catalysts for the events of the whole show as he contracted Patrick Malone to kill Thomas and Martha Wayne, which resulted in Penguin snitching on Fish Mooney. An angered Nygma asks why Strange controlled and made him kill all of the people in Haven while Strange is surprised by the fact that Edward Nygma was the one who destroyed Haven. Hugo Strange is then presumed dead. While Bruce Wayne is on the couch, Strange drugs him with a powerful hallucinogen in order to coax Wayne into admitting that he is Batman. [9], Later, Strange returns yet again (the Hugo Strange that "died" in the explosion was revealed to be a Mandroid) in Batman Annual #10 (1986), in another attempt to destroy Batman and Bruce Wayne, this time attempting to financially bankrupt Wayne by using various tricks to force three Wayne Enterprises shareholders to sell their stock holdings to him so he could bankrupt the company. Strange knows this, and has Bruce, Lucius, and Jim Gordon, who has been investigating the Wayne murders and stowed away with Bruce and Lucius, apprehended. Mooney is brought back seemingly with all her memories intact, prompting Strange to relay this new development to his employers: the Court of Owls. Elle est toujours habillée de façon féminine soit avec des robes ou soit avec des jupes. When Strange sets his creations free at an illegal poker game, helping himself to the victims' money after the slaughter, the Gotham mafia begins to grow suspicious. Thorne confesses his long career of corruption and is sent to Arkham Asylum. In the modern timeline, Strange returns in a four-part storyline called "Transference". As a result, he begins to gain some of his old memories back, bringing him to Oswald Cobblepot. Strange is enthralled by Batman, believing that he has found a genetically perfect man. After opening up a bodybag, Hugo Strange is faced with an angered Edward Nygma, who points a gun at him. nts loaded onto a bus bound for facility upstate while having a bomb set to blow up the Indian Hill facility. He extracted the blood from Nathaniel Barnes as he and Kathryn Monroe test it on an unknown person. During the tests, Supergirl was able to turn Power Girl against Strange, and the Reaper and Lois Lane, who had found the laboratory thanks to Killer Frost, blew up the laboratory's security system. Hugo would feel regret for this but asserted that he did what he had to do and that Thomas should have just walked away. Faced with Nightwing and Robin each denying that Wayne is Batman and witnessing Wayne's complete lack of combat reflexes and training, Strange becomes concerned that his theory that Bruce Wayne is Batman has been disproved and realizes that he will never be able to learn the truth now that he killed the Dark Knight.

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